Adding Synchronous Strategies to a Distance Course

Flexibility is often a factor for students taking distance courses. Certainly, being able to attend class regardless of where or when it is happening can be a huge benefit for non-traditional students especially.  Distance courses and programs at UAF inhabit a spectrum based on percentages of reliance on specified time […]

How to Start a Google Hangout

There are many reasons to connect with students via an online meeting space.   For example, eLearning-supported instructors may want to have students check in individually throughout the semester and face-to-face instructors may want to hold group activities outside the physical classroom with real-time interaction. Connecting synchronously with students can […]

How to verify when students post in WordPress

If you use a Community@UAF WordPress site for student contribution in the form of posts, your students can edit the date and time of submission, which may be a concern if you strictly enforce due dates. If you would like to know the exact date and time a student creates […]

Student Resistance

Why and So What You read an article, hear a story or see a show that inspires you to work a new type of assignment or exercise into your course. You decide on an idea. It sounds interesting and you think your students will respond well to it. You spend […]

Informal Learning

‘Informal learning’ can be described as the learning process that takes place outside the educational institution. It is spontaneous, self-directed, not curriculum-based or qualification oriented and is accidental in nature.1 For example, clicking through on a Facebook link out of curiosity and learning about something as a result.  Another term […]

Teaching Tips Booklet

  This week we’d like to revisit Teaching Tips that have been published during the past year so we’ve put them together in a handy booklet for you. These Teaching Tips were published from July 1, 2014 – March 1, 2015. Download PDF (3.1MB): Teaching Tip Booklet – July1-2014-Mar-1-2015

Expanding Google

With Extensions, Add-ons & Apps Thanks to Google, we have access to a plethora of tools to help us get stuff done. This week’s Teaching Tip focuses on a few ways to extend the functionality of the Google products  we already know and love — Chrome and Google . Extensions: […]

Effective Syllabi: Tips for Success

As you prepare your syllabus for Summer or Fall semesters, why not give it a thorough critical look-through to make sure it looks great,  functions well, that it meets all UAF requirements, and, for eLearning-supported courses, that it has all of the components helpful for the online student that are […]

Bring Your Class to Life With Augmented Reality

Using Augmented Reality as a framework for learning activities can be an exciting way to engage students in drawing real-world connections with class content. In this Teaching Tip Live, we will be discussing how faculty at UAF are using Augmented Reality in their class and exploring a few tools and […]

Bb eLearning Tab

Your Resource Inside Blackboard Are you teaching or are you enrolled in a UAF eLearning-supported course? If so, you may have recently noticed a new feature in Blackboard we call the ‘UAF eLearning Tab’. If you haven’t checked it out, next time you log into Blackboard, look next to the […]